December 7

Zechariah 11:4-12

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Amid the words today, of which most were strong exhortation against those who had it coming, there are prophecies about the treatment and occasion of the crucifixion. These words are stark and unmistakable pictures of Christ at Calvary.  This being spoken hundreds of years prior to Christ’s arrival – makes your heart skip a beat, actually.
11:4-17 -the reading began with Zechariah chewing out the “shepherds” of Israel; the hack leaders who have not lead the people properly; not in the least.  When people are led and encouraged to do dark things it leads them into death.  And there has been death on a grand scale all right.  Zechariah is talking in virtual sarcasm to the leaders who think of themselves as Israel’s shepherds – “so, you seem to like it when the people die? especially the poor people?! Well, they are going to die! Is this a “mission accomplished” in your mind?”  And did you catch that prophetic reference to Judas’ – selling out for 30 pieces of silver – and the money then being thrown back into the Temple?! ‘Makes your skin crawl to think that these “shepherds of Israel” are going to goad the population pushing them to reject Christ also in just a few centuries. It’s a betrayal of their calling; just like Judas Iscariot. Yes, these shepherds of Israel are derelict in a great way and God shall strike them severely.  It won’t be pretty. They claim they represent God yet are virtually the opposite of what they pose as.
12:1-14 – The opening phrase, “…burden of the Lord…” is also translated as “oracle of the Lord”. This was simply an epochal statement that God was about to make. There was turmoil and pandemonium coming in the region of Judah. But it was not against Judah. It was upon those who were there as Judah’s enemies. God was speaking of intervening on Judah’s behalf to throw her enemies into confusion and chaos. Crushed, sliced, devoured by fire – God was putting the hurts on the enemies of Judah in a big way. God is stepping in to glorify His land. Even the weakest there will be mighty like King David. And on the heels of this triumph, Zechariah prophesies that one from the House of David, a son of David, will capture the attention of the country; one who has been pierced.  Would he be the one who is pierced in the hands, feet, and side? What will come this …?

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