December 10

Deuteronomy 26-28

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, you plan such good for us. May we be principled and ready for your blessings. Amen.

26 – They were commanded to be a tithing people who also gave offerings. God was not greedy, nor even in need of anyone’s money. WE are to be a people who love others like our selves, our palaces, our accounts, our possessions.  The giving that is taught here is what has funded the advancement of the gospel and the Kingdom through history. God is training us to be people who, when our ‘harvest’/paycheck arrives, we stop and remember where our Provision comes from. People who forget this become self-obsessed. Selfishness is inexcusable. And there’s another reminder to obey all His commands and decrees. [Catch the “ALL” part]. We cannot say, “oh, I forgot that one” -not with any of it. We’ve mentioned this before –> which holes in your boat can you leave unpatched and dismiss it with, “it’s OK, I patched most of the holes – at least the ones I remembered to patch…”?

27 – They were to create clear large markers and monuments in their new homeland to remind them of what God required of them. Only in this way would their national security, identity, and faith be preserved.  What do you think of secular politicians and attorneys who lobby systematically across the country to have the X Commandments, Crosses, and Nativity Scenes removed? Gee, what might their agenda be?
And the curses were to be stated loudly before the nation. Curses are stated against idolatry, dishonor, theft, scamming, cruelty, injustice, sexual madness, assault, ‘hits’ on the innocent, secularism.
28 – The blessings for obedience and the cursings for disobedience are laid out before them.  Obedience would ensure for them, bounty and blessing, endless supply and irrigation, riches, security and protection. They would be basically living in villages that are blessed, bountiful, well-fed and wealthy indefinitely.  On the contrary, disobedience would make their lives an endless horror show with no way out (for starters!).  Your land and food supply would be cursed as would your minds and bodies. All comforts would be gone.  Drought will parch you. Enemies will harass constantly. There will be no domestic tranquility. What happens in your own homes will break your heart. Slavery will be your lot. Insects will devour your work. Armies will steam-roll you and drive you to starvation and cannablism. Paganism will be forced upon you. Nightmares will be 24/7 occurences. What isn’t inflicted upon you, you will inflict upon yourselves. “So Don’t Disobey Me” the Lord bellowed at them.  The offer to them for obeying couldn’t be sweeter.  The warning to them for disobeying couldn’t be worse.  Do you think they chose right?

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