August 9

Jeremiah 46-48

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, let us be found on your side. For it exacts a terrible toll upon those who come against you and any of your endeavors. May we sense your grace and allow you to be our shield.  Amen.

46 – Remember Josiah going out to meet Neco the Egyptian and getting killed unfortunately?  That same Neco (here in Jer. 46) goes on north to battle in Carchemish.  This is 605 B.C., [and Judah is going to get hammered in less than 20 years, btw.]  At Carchemish, Egypt gets swiped hard like a cat batting a mouse around! In the next word from the Lord, Nebuchadnezzar will invade Egypt.  It turns out that this prophecy did come true 18 years after Jeremiah spoke it. [Jeremiah is writing this after Jerusalem was sacked and burned in 586 B.C.]  Isaiah, in 18-20, has prophesied a century earlier that Assyria would invade Egypt. Ezekiel 29-32 also talks of judgment coming on Egypt.  Things do not bode well for those who persecute God’s people.  And the Israelites are going to be protected amid their exile and punishment. God is doing the terrible task of smiting those who strike the Israelites and Israel will notice this retribution but need not fear God’s worst happening to them.

47 – The Lord has called for the invasion of Philistia. Apparently Egypt is coming soon to do this. But what Jeremiah is prophesying here is that the Philistine cities will be brutally overrun and left to be ghost towns when the Babylonians charge in.  The imagery is painful and desperate.  Reading all this one almost relives school days when there is a bully making trouble. The day comes when the bully may pester someone who has been bothering you, so you may not mind the bully picking on this particular person.  But it isn’t proper to cheer this process because you can bet that when the bully is done pestering that person … you are next.  We seem to be seeing this on a biblical scale here.  You know Philistines aren’t too bothered about Babylon pouncing on Judah.  Well, watch yourself there coastal boys, because they are coming after YOU next.
48 – Moab’s day is approaching.  Like the bully picture just mentioned.  That happens here, again.  Moab even had the fiendish gall to assist Nebuchadnezzar in attacking Judah. But they end up paying for it. The calamity struck Judah with finality in 586 B.C. – and as we said – Moab helped .  Guess who Nebuchadnezzar plows over in 582 B.C.; four short years later?  MOAB!  And Moab was ruined…completely devastated.  Moab had so many towns and people and vineyards, and farms and culture and … it was laid bare and there isn’t much going on in there even now almost 2600 years later!.  They went against the Hebrews and where did it get them?  They worshipped the god Chemosh –> and all that falsity is in the buried in the scorching sand ever since.  The talk of restoration at the end of the chapter is yet to happen. Could we expect this during the millennium?  Some posit that this happened as the remainder of the population was absorbed into the Arab race.  Let’s keep discussing it all.

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