April 4


Psalm 18-21

We are in the Wisdom Stream today reading from the book of Psalms. We are using the World English Bible this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

God, we want to walk with you as David did; so completely caught up into your goodness and faithfulness and comprehensive care that the world all around us is a mere reminder of how good you are to us.  Thank you for your goodness, Lord.  Amen.

Into the Wisdom stream today we reach Psalm 18 – a highlight of the Bible!  If any student of the Psalms made a list of their favorite Psalms to count on one hand, Psalm 18 is one of them.  It’s David’s triumphant praise after “the battle is over”.  His enemies are neutralized. King Saul, who hated him, is gone now. David’s kingdom is realized and he is Ruler of Israel. Note the traits of the Psalm: God is all the things David needed all along, needs now, and what David is grateful for.  David calls and claims that God is his rock, his shield, his high tower.  The false religions of the world idolatrously claim “this rock is my god, this shield is my god, this tower is my god.” The pagan religions have things perfectly backward.  This is why David is a hallmark of our faith and devotion. This Psalm is so pivotal and landmark in David’s life that it is repeated in II Samuel 22.  We will reach that section in the “nation stream” next week.

19 – The wonder of nature as David is in awe of what God has done morphs straight into David’s wonderment over what God has said; His Word.  It is perfect, right, pure, …Gold. ‘Makes y’want to read the rest of the Bible doesn’t it?!  Praise God
20 – twenty has a nice variation – 18 was David rejoicing in all God had done for him.  This Psalm of prayer is asking God to grant all that is desired and sought for – for you!   It rings as a rally cry for battle.  It is a request for victory.  As in all of David’s life, he is not distracted by objects and trusting in them.  He trusts in God alone, for himself and for others – even as he is headed into the thick of battle.
21 – David is yet enraptured with his marvelous God.  In 20 he is asking for victory as he seems destined to head into battle.  In 21, David is thanking God for victory in this same conflict that seems imminent.  Notice that all that God is going to do is in the future tense.  God will find them (David’s enemies), He will burn them, He will destroy them. David is as certain of this as he was on his first battlefield in I Sam. 17.  He is basically teaching us a very clear prayer lesson.  Thank God in advance.

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