April 25


Psalm 34-37

We are in the Wisdom Stream reading the writing of King David. We are reading from the International Standard Version this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Thank you God for being our ever present help in times of trouble, our God in every circumstance, our God who there to comfort every pain and receive every praise.  Amen

David had just come through another vortex.  He’s been on the run from Saul.  He seeks “refuge” among the Philistines – whatever that could end up meaning!  He pretended to be a nutcase so to project to the Philistine king that he was not a threat. He absolutely could NOT let the King of Gath know that he was perhaps the most brilliant battle tactician on earth at that time. But it is vital to understand David’s mentality so to ingest this Psalm for all it’s worth. David had no place to go to find safety.  God is training him that the only ‘safe’ place is with HIM; his God in heaven. One literal translation calls God “The LORD of heaven’s armies” and it is a literal translation! David would, in time, be leading a vast army and God wanted David to be ingrained with a deep and unshakable trust in God. He couldn’t have him get complacent due to so many battle victories that were coming for him. He couldn’t have David become spiritually complacent once his power became among the greatest in history, or once wealth and status had accumulated.  These years were necessary for David to walk through. They were his own pilgrimage; it had to happen. The backdrop of Psalm 34 was I Samuel 21:10-15.  David survived this spooky incident and then wrote Ps. 34.

35 – whereas David is rejoicing again about surviving in Ps.34, he is venting [his prayer] in Ps.35.  He just needs to pause and muse about all the people who were coming after him.  I guess he never calculated that dropping Goliath would fester such jealousy in so many.  Yet David’s exasperation with those who hate him is not without the positive interruptions of vv. 9 and 18; “my soul will rejoice in the Lord. [and] I will give give thanks in the congregation.”
36 and 37 Find us in the middle of David’s 72 Psalms. They remind and urge us to TRUST in GOD.  People are wicked. God is merciful. Uh, ya, trusting in God is what we need to be doing and this trusting in God is our only hope of having an anchored soul. The contrast of the hearts of men all around us and the heart of God above is more stark than night and day. It is the most contrasting comparison that can be made under heaven.  So gaze upon God, praise Him and live in Him and the wickedness of others will become incidental.   37 feels like a continuation of the same Psalm/verse/song.  It has become one of the most endearing Psalms in the Bible. It is interesting that th Psalms are truly worth posting in places where we see them often; desk top, coffee station, on dashboard, etc. so that we see them, read them and dwell on these Psalms – especially 37.

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