March 28


Psalm 9-17

We are in the Wisdom Stream today while using the God’s Word Translation this week. | #7Streams | @7Streams Method |  @serenatravis
Commentary by Drake Travis
Lord God thank you for this sterling reading from King David who is yet to take his throne.  Let it inspire us to walk with you and hang on to you though the road be rough or the next steps of our pilgrimage may seem uncertain.  Thank you Lord that our destiny is salvation as your word states.  Amen.

In Psalm 9, David is thankful for victories; victories that he personally has experienced and also those that affected Israel, his nation.  Miracles have happened, there is joy and music and praise.  The Lord has been true and the enemies of the Lord are in a bad way and going down further.  God triumphs and the truth of this is evident to those who look to God for their refuge.

In Psalm 10, David starts the Psalm feeling that God is far off and that the wicked get to have their run of things.  David lists the things he sees about oppressors. They boast, rob, curse, oppress, deceive, they pounce, and crush.  David calls for God to arise and deal with them justly and to do so as the God who is able to.  David seems to be encouraging himself with the truth that he knows God to be v.s. the justice that may seem delayed as he is witnessing it. The Psalm ends with a mighty praise about God’s encouragement and protection for the orphan and the oppressed.

For Psalm 11 and following: The next three Psalms are David asking desperate questions and feeling very troubled about wicked people who seem to be everywhere and running everywhere and behaving with ill will.  He was running from Saul during these times [ I Sam. 18-26 ].  He is vexed when he sees enemies all around.  He is at the same place blessed when he is able to pause and look to God knowing of His righteousness

In Psalm 12, David is feeling almost completely alone and that liars include just about the entire human race. Somehow David knows that God’s promises are pure and good and the Lord will protect him.
In Psalm 13, David did feel alone in human terms.  Now he feels alone spiritually. It seems God uses these days in David’s life to embed in him deeply the need to seek the Lord with all his heart.  We find David doing this fervently. We find him trusting God, enjoying his salvation and singing to God for His goodness to David!  David declares this in spite of his current sentiments.
In Psalm 14, David articulates his disgust for fools, for the godless who have no regard for God.  The corruption, the rebellion – David finds it all sickening.  St. Paul quotes this passage in his observation of the same perversion [Romans 3:10-12].  For such behavior there is a judgment day coming and there will be sheer panic for them.  On that same day, God’s people will rejoice for their fate will be much different.
In Psalm 15, This is a great testament of who gets to be with God; in His Presence.  The traits of those who walk with God are clearly listed.  ‘Such an inspiration is this man of integrity, commitment, wholesome speech, righteous dealings, forthrightness and stability
Psalm 16 is a marvel of all that is good and the resurrection that is destined.  It would do us good to be reading and learning; even memorizing this Psalm.  We can hear echoes of Paul’s theology metaphorically showing up in this chapter.  v. 10 is a reference to Jesus and the protection from death afforded to those who pledge their lives to Jesus.