May 31


Jeremiah 15-17

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

15 – Jeremiah is praying for these people and has been with quite-the-pastoral-heart.  However God is not going to relent on removing them from the country after an invasion by Babylon, a disturbing deathtoll, and the city falling nearly silent.  Before anyone thinks that God has become mean and the He could learn something from the long-suffering Jeremiah – that is not what is going on here.  God has been patient with these people for right around 800 years and they have been a sorry state spiritually for much of the time as their rebellion and sorry whining attitude began the first week after the Exodus.  The Lord will not relent and things are past the point of no return. Judaeans will die by the sword, starve in famine, and be chained together and forced to walk to Babylon.  And believe it or not, it gets far worse; even ghoulish.  You read about it today and it doesn’t need to be repeated.  The lament that will pour over Jerusalem will be historical (586 B.C. is coming)
-Jeremiah’s lament over caring for those in Jerusalem that despise him is unbearable save for the fact that God will be protecting and showing favor to Jeremiah in the time of chaos.  Jeremiah seems to pause and muse over his assignment of ministering in such an adverse time to such an adverse people.  I think this helped Jeremiah understand how God felt for over 800 years trying to show love to these obstreperous people.  Amid this, God assures Jeremiah that God will deliver Jeremiah from the violence.
16 – Jeremiah received a word from the Lord that he was to be apart from the local culture. It was an extreme calling in that he was not to have a family; take no wife and have not children.  He was also not to take part in the natural compassionate deed of attending ceremonies with those who are mourning (funerals), he was also not to go to banquets wherein there was feasting and drinking.  He had a prophetic call top adhere to plus, how could Jeremiah bear it to be mindful of a family when such horror was imminent.
Yes, captivity was coming. It was 430 years in Egypt last time.  It would be 70 years in Babylon this time – and they would return from the north when they were to return…in a couple of generations.   There is a peculiarly powerful word that ends ch. 16. God is about to raise a hand and strike [via Nebuchadnezzar] but His heart is always to call back, to instruct, and restore.
17 – The downfall is inevitable for Judah.  It is engraved and spoken by God.  It’s done. Judah will fall. Her wealth will be snatched up by another.  Still God calls to them.  If they are to repent, their land and lives and families will last forever.  The truth abides: turn and depart from God and be cursed and destroyed — turn to God and trust in Him to be restored and be like a healthy tree; planted strong and green.      The Lord knows all things: that people are incurably wicked, that thieves turn into fools, that the glory of God is what shines
-Jeremiah has promised to be delivered but he still prays for it; for his deliverance – he must have had a wave of fear pass over him as he was pondering the future of his city.    The people must have been working overtime relentlessly (as restless and guilty people have been known to do).and ch. 17 ends with a protracted explanation of how the people will be returning to an honoring of the Sabbath or their city is going to be reduced to ashes.

May 30


Psalms 62-68

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

“Lord God, we will praise you all our lives and and do so with all our breath and that being a present far too small, we will continue to praise you for eternity.  Amen.”
some of the Psalms we read today are the all time classics that comfort souls throughout the world and throughout all time.

62 – David has trust, rest, peace and salvation in God alone. Nothing else brings him such relief as the Life-Giver Himself; His God.  David’s troubles merely pressed him further into a deeper faith.  David had no confidence in man or fellowship or contacts; “connections” as the phrase is used today.  This all was vapid to David.  Even power and wealth – David saw through it as the road to nothing that appealed to David as having eternal value.  David saw God as ever merciful and fair, and David was resolved to be of the same spirit for David always trusted in God

63 – David is in the wilderness and he is so trained in his heart to desire God that his thirst for Him is his top reminder as he is hunting for water.  How many of us in this situation would be thinking, “hey God, y’trying to kill me? Am I supposed to dry up and blow away? really? Let’s get some water to me or me to some water or something, huh!!?”  No David thinks, “God I long to be secure in you and with you as much as I want water in a desert.”  This is David’s devoted heart.  This Psalm probably accompanies his season of hiding out from Absalom. He is distressed but confident that he will be restored. David’s words for God are akin to what we see in one searching the earth over to find a lost loved one.  It’s a touching passage of Scripture.
64 – David is praying earnestly for protection from enemies and their plots to ruin him.  These evil men use words and weapons and are calloused by evil and their commitment to be evil.  David wants God to shoot them down. David simply wants them gone and away. David knows that God delivers and watches over the steadfast.
65 – There is a rhapsody of worship, praise and thanksgiving as all the earth is blessed as far as David can see.  The harvest is come in, is still coming in; the fields, oceans, orchards – there is abundance and shouts of joy are going up.  All this bounty is simply indicative of the salvation God grants.
66 – This Psalm is a song that is sung even today.  God is calling for worship from all the earth.  All are to sing and rejoice, in all the nations. God has blessed in so many ways and tales of his deliverance are retold.  This calls for us to bring our offering and our lives to God.  He is good, He saves, He hears, He has mercy and will not turn us away.  This is cause for coming to Him in worship, is it not?
67 – This Psalm is an inspiration for missions to be launched into all the earth for God wants His praises and name to be across the earth.  In doing this God blesses the nations of the earth, the peoples of the earth as well as those who take His Name to all the earth.
68 – God and His victorious army is marching.  The enemies will scatter as God rises up.  Those who are deserted/orphaned God will place in families.  God meets all needs and provides for this who are with Him in His cause.  There is so much to tell of the God; our God who advances. He is as majestic as the mountains in all their splendor.  God will be victorious and all the people of the earth (those who fight Him as well as those who fight for Him) will pay Him tribute.  Singers sing and dancers dance before the Lord.  Great kings are drawn to the Lord.  There is never too much that can be said about the wonders of God and the deeds and service He warrants from people coming from so many nations to come and worship in Israel where He dwells.