April 2


Genesis 49:29-Exodus 3:22

We are in the World Stream today and will compete the book of Genesis and start the book of Exodus. We are reading from the World English Bible this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Dear Lord Jesus, seasons come and go as the reading today encompasses a 400 year period. Let us take this calling of Moses very seriously for you call us to lead enslaved people into freedom. You’ve told us to receive nations into your Kingdom. We are to live for our Deliverer too;  Assure us also as you assured Moses – that you will be with us.  Amen.

Jacob’s departure is upon us. I like his determination to not be buried in Egypt. They were a culture obsessed with the process and their definition of the afterlife. For Egyptian royalty, death was what one’s entire life was spent preparing for. It’s one of the matters Jesus is hinting about when he declared he was the God of the Living / not the Dead. Jacob wants to be sure that he is buried back on the other side of the Nile with his father Isaac and his grandfather Abraham near Hebron. He finished his speech and … he was gone.

Gen. 50 – the funeral for Jacob is ornate, and as soon as this is overwith, Joseph shows his good ethics yet again to assure his brothers that they were family and not enemies.  Jump to the end of Joseph’s life and what does he insist? that his bones be carried out of Egypt when the Israelites leave.  Fascinating reference to an Exodus that would take place 400 years later!  Joseph soon breathes his last after being in Egypt 93 years.  Interesting “book-ends” in Genesis: the warning in Genesis 2, “do not eat this fruit or you will surely die.”  At the end of the book, Jacob dies – and Joseph dies just a chapter later.  Genesis seems to end with “I told you that this is where your disobedience would take you.”  At any rate the 4,000 year march from leaving Eden to the Calvary event is well on it’s way.  Chronologically, we are 2200 years into it with 1800 years to go.
Exodus 1 – As time goes by, the Israelites multiply being in very fertile ground in the Nile delta region. The new Pharaoh was the one that took command following the Hyksos Invasion of 1700 B.C. The Hyksos were in charge of north Egypt until Egypt pulled together again after it’s own civil wars and were able to defeat the Hyksos after 108 years of them being there.  Egypt re established and the “New Kingdon” was upon them.  Thus there was a new Pharaoh who “knew nothing about Joseph” as it reads in Ex.1:8.
The Israelites are enslaved to keep them under wraps.  The boys are sentenced to die at birth to keep numbers down and to keep a rebellion at bay.
2 – This is the chaos that Moses is born into. Moses is the most important figure of the Ancient World. From Eden to Jesus, no more important man than Moses comes along. He is hid from Pharaoh and his murderous edict – and then found by Pharaoh’s daughter! He could not have come closer to death!  [We see the same developments around Jesus’ birth in Matthew when Herod tries to kill the threat to his rule.]  Note that from vv. 1:10-12 –> 40 years went by; Moses spent 40 years in Pharaoh’s Palace – learning the ways of the Egyptians, [Ex. 2:5-11a] 40 years in the desert – learning that place and learning to be with God. during his 40 years in the desert [Ex. 2:11-22].  He starts a family there and come that time, the slavery back in Egypt is becoming unbearable under a different Pharaoh.
3 –  God calls Moses to lead the delivery of His people from bondage.  It’s one of the most vital and miraculous passages in the Bible.  So much hinges upon this incident.  Moses is in near disbelief at what is happening.  He gives four huge reasons that prove his personal inadequacy to lead this endeavor.  God flushes all Moses excuses.  God tells him that they will come and worship on “this mountain” – OUT of Egypt. God will take them to a good and rich land, He will show them miracles and there will be provision, they will leave Egypt with great riches.

April 1


Acts 27:27-28:30

We are in the Church Stream today as we finish the book of Acts. We are reading from the God’s Word Translation this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Dear Lord, we bid farewell to Paul for now. Thank you for his inspiring life.  Let us be encouraged to make our days count for you and for your Kingdom.  Amen.


If you look on the map in the back of your Bible or the map we provide in these show notes, take note the route of Paul’s final missionary journey listed in Acts.  The story picks up today between his departing from Myra; the south point of Asia Minor and the wreck in Malta.  Paul took one ship from Caesarea to Myra, another from Myra to Malta, and a third from Malta to Puteoli/ Italy.  This month of Paul’s life, he had the greatest challenges relating to natural calamity.  The dramatic events seem like a cruise gone bad with storms, a damaged vessel, near death at every turn, a fear of starvation, prisoners escaping, painful dilemmas and decisions, people finally swimming to shore or getting there by clinging to a chunk of wood from the broken ship.  Paul ministers to these men even in this setting and they are all encouraged by his gracious deeds and dining with them (if we can use that word).  Paul uses his status even as a prisoner to defend the incarcerated so that they are treated properly. Paul promised that all would reach shore and no one would be harmed and that is what happened.

28 – they discover that they are on Malta from the locals and voila, the locals are friendly.  The snake in the fire incident merely verifies that God is up to something and Paul is soon revered. Paul is then given access to Publius (the leader and his family) and Paul is used to heal his father.  Soon others who are sick come and are healed.  It is fascinating the way Paul makes the most of every opportunity for the gospel and advancing the Kingdom.  The final leg of the journey [from Malta to Rome] is on an Alexandrian ship.  There is excitement to meet and be with Paul as Believers were in many places throughout the Roman Empire by now.  It was 61 A.D. An entire second generation of Christians were growing up and Paul was a celebrated and very honored man to the new Believers.  His teaching was priceless to them.  His letters were prized more than gold by the early church.  His writings became what we follow as most of the New Testament.  Luke finishes the Book of Acts at about this time.  Paul did have impressive audiences to speak to in Rome.  Most were encouraged, some Jews converted through his teaching, other Jews were only made more stubborn thereby.  While he was in Rome, Paul wrote to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and his book to Philemon.  Paul was later acquitted of his charges later in AD 61 or early the next year.  There is some information telling that Paul made a trip to Spain.  We know he planned one; Romans 15:28.  There is some evidence that there was another missionary journey Paul took to Greece and Asia Minor (and Spain as mentioned).  He wrote his letters to Timothy and Titus during these years between 63-67 A.D.

His influence cannot be overstated in Christian History.  Some have clearly stated that Apostle Paul is the most influential person that ever lived for his explanations of Christ clearly changed the way the world thought.  This affect seeped into the dealings of religion, commerce/business, education, administration, hospitality, social structures, civility, ad infinitum.  Even honest secular scholars admit Paul’s colossal affect on the world.

March 31


Matthew 26

We are in the Christ Stream as we lead up to the crucifixion of Jesus. We reading from the God’s Word Translation this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord Jesus, may we realize that your Word and your Person and your Salvation is what you are training us to prize the most.  Keep us in your care and may we live with all the assurance that David prayed with in Psalm 91 – wherever life may take us – you are there.  Amen.

The plans to kill Jesus have passed the point of no return.  Jesus knew it was coming within 48 hours. He tells his disciples of it again – whether they heard it this time or not… who knows.  Jesus is about to have his last night of sleep.  The parallel narratives are in Mark 14 and Luke 22.  John follows a different order if you feel like comparing in Jn. 13 and 14.  The journey of this almost last day of Jesus’ life in this state is as such:  He prophesies of his death, the schemers confer on how to arrest him AND make it look like Jesus is a problem to be treated via the “final solution”, a girl with a shady past anoints Jesus’ feet in Bethany – and Jesus turns the event into a sermon for the ages, Judas planned his betrayal for pay, preparations for the Last Supper are made, Jesus informs of his betrayer and his prevenient knowledge of it, their Last Supper is served, Peter pledges his loyalty and gets updated on the coming reality of his own denial of Jesus/Peters’ relationship, Jesus and 11 of the 12 are in Gethsemane by now and Jesus prays in anguish…the Disciples keep falling asleep, Judas arrives with the armed crowd from the priests and leaders of Jerusalem and Jesus gets arrested in dramatic fashion, the Disciples scatter and Jesus goes before Caiaphas; the High Priest, the illicit trial is carried out against the Law (as they had planned it) and the abusing of Jesus begins.  btw, the High Priest and his crew broke 19 of their own Jewish laws in arresting, trying and crucifying Jesus in the manner that they did it.   Then again, how else are they going to condemn an innocent man to death?  The chapter and reading today ends with the scene of Peter following along at a distance and denying Christ. Peter’s revelation of his unfaithfulness hits him harder than it hits anyone else.

What a day it has been.  It looks like this Jesus and followers movement is about to come to a close.  That’s what it LOOKS like anyway.  What is happening and what is about to happen is the most important day in all of history.  The literature and art and stories and churches planted and souls changed and nations touched by this crucified Jesus will not be tallied in full on this side of heaven. Again, what a day that has just past, . . and what a day that is coming.  There doesn’t need to be a whole lot of protracted comment about this reading.  We do want to leave you with a final thought to ponder as you proceed in your day and life and wonder about your own soul and that of your friends and wonder who you can count on to the end.  Please think of this as we all exercise discernment and being a blessing:   –> would you rather be kissed by Judas or screamed and swore at by Peter? Remember that life in this world is not what it seems. Death to this world and saying “yes” to Jesus is not what it seems. Loss of what we think we have lost is not what it seems.  And Security in THIS world is not what it seems.