November 14

Proverbs 24-26

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord God, we want to think what you are thinking, love what you love, shun what you shun, and live as you want us to live.  Amen.
Proverbs is a collection of three books by Solomon.  24 is the end of Book 2 and 25 is the start of Book 3.

24 – Don’t envy evil people – they have trouble coming. And for what it’s worth, don’t rejoice when they ‘crash’ in life. Just build your world on wisdom, for therein is strength. Wisdom is also sweeter than honey. Congregate with leaders who are wise, and step up to provide justice when you are able to. There is amazing depth and resilience from the Lord in godly people living godly lives. Be careful to be just and right, to plan your work fastidiously, to be gracious v.s. vindictive. And know that laziness is the path to the certain trap of poverty.

25 – Impurities in your work and wicked people in society – both need to be removed. Here’s civic wisdom we can use: Do well, then be invited “upward” – don’t “grandstand”, don’t betray secrets, cut gossip (it stirs anger), speak and hear timely advice, receive helpful criticism, be a trustworthy messenger, deliver what you promise, mind to your business v.s. being a trolling nuisance, encourage appropriately, ladies – let’s not be quarrelsome, do not comply with wicked people, remember self control provides great protection.
26 – Fools: they have no honor, curse senselessly, need a beating, engage in mindless arguments, can’t be trusted, twist words, talk stupid, deserve scorn, shun responsibility, and they just keep going with all of it.  The lazy: (btw, just as much a nuisance in society as fools) they have the dumbest reasons for not working, they churn and turn on their beds, they’re even too lazy to eat right … and they think they are smart?!  yeesh.  Do not : trick people, pick fights, spread rumors, smooth-talk or lie in any way, Do not set traps for people. All this is because God keeps account.

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