December 8

John 16:5-17:26

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord thank you for walking with us, talking with us, staying with us all the way home. Amen

John 16:5-33 – It is fascinating that Jesus is more or less walking to his torture chamber and gallows while he calmly instructs!  He is comforting and encouraging His followers just a couple hours before the whipping commences.  He tells them of the Holy Spirit. Notice that He needs to go so the Holy Spirit can come to them.  The H.S. will convict of sin, righteousness, judgment. No progress was made with the Pharisees in any of these three areas. They are staring God’s Son in the face and hearing nothing true.  But the Holy Spirit would get through to those who would accept Him. Be encouraged gentlemen, the Holy Spirit is going to be all you need and far beyond! The Holy Spirit is going to transform everything. There will be joy joy joy.  Your transformation will astound everyone. You will be guided. Your requests will be granted.  This chapter is one of the steepest learning curves in the Bible. It is marvelous to see the Disciples getting the message straight!
17 – This is normally called “the high priestly prayer”.  But actually this is more the Lord’s prayer for us…though we call, “Our father, who are in heaven…” The Lord’s Prayer (that is His instructional prayer for us to know Him). Jesus prays three themes in ch. 17. He prays for Himself, for the Disciples, and for the world.  He prays that He would bring glory to the Father – and that they be as glorified as they are unified.  He prays that the Disciples are kept in God’s Name/Presence/ and care; that they be kept from the Devil while they traverse the world as sanctified men.  Jesus prayed that those who come to God because of the Apostles’ testimony would be One in Christ as the Kingdom of God grows. Their unity would in turn be a great testimony.  He also prayed all these manifold millions of newly saved souls would know the wondrous glory of God!  That prayer still stands and is our prayer for a lost world  .

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