December 14

Zechariah 13-14

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord Jesus, do your mighty wonders.  And do include us in the process as you do your mighty deeds.  We pray this for we are yours.  Amen.

Coming to the end of this wondrous book today, it is a mind bender to look back and ingest all that Zechariah was seeing and saying. The images and illustrations Zechariah lays out are a marvelous and inspiring puzzle. The interaction and call to action leaves any literate person stunned at what God is doing and trying to do … now if He could ever get His children to cooperate with Him! The references to the Savior are interspersed within the prophecies and they seem to smack you from behind as they tell of the wondrous future. And is Zechariah talking about the future 500 years away? 2,500 years away? 3,500 years away?  Keep reading friends.  Let’s read this together as long as we live. It may help to invest eight minutes and see a YouTube video called, “The Bible Project  Zechariah”.  My husband found this last week and was enthralled at the presentation, so much so that he watched it again. He was just as elated to watch it a third time. You will probably find it very helpful.

13 – A fountain opened up to cleanse Jerusalem. This fountain; this person is related to David. And Zechariah wrote this almost in the center of the time span between King David and Jesus…there’s something to muse over! Pardon the rough treatment of self-proclaimed prophets. They had just had so many bad ones come through and they realized that following these opportunistic jokers is what got the whole nation ransacked. And they are just realizing this now in their recovery years. A Shepherd is going to be struck and the sheep are going to scatter.  A percentage will die as only a third will be left in the land. Jesus was struck, (Romans crucified Him) then 40 years later they came through and killed all Hebrews who would not yield . . . is God up to something here?
14 – There will be a day of chaos and violation for Judah’s inhabitants, then the Lord will go out and fight all those who have come against Israel. There will be continuous light across the land but not from the sun. Healing waters will flow from Jerusalem/Mt.Olives. ‘Sounds like heaven already, yet could well be the millennium…?  Zechariah leaves you to ponder all these scenes with their chronology.  As in much of Zechariah, Bethlehem, Calvary, the Diaspora, the Second Coming, the Millennium is all on his literative ‘merry-go-round’.           Yet nothing is wonderful for those who’ve been contrary to the Israelites. Those who’ve fought the people of Jerusalem will be stripped of wealth and stricken with the plague.  Others of them will be given a chance as they come to worship in Jerusalem. Those who will not come will be pounding sand and eating sand as drought consumes their homeland.  As we have heard since Genesis, God will be worshipped. Those who refuse to will suffer.  The glory in Jerusalem is on a scale that is nothing short of fascinating. What a day.

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