January 18

Isaiah 8-10

We are sailing down the Prophetic Stream today in the book of Isaiah. Last week Isaiah encouraged King Ahaz with a sign that the virgin would conceive and bear a child – a foretelling of the Messiah. Our reading today will cover some more of those famous verses about the coming Messiah…from the perspective of people in Isaiah’s day.


January 17

Job 11-14

We are using the New Living Translation and we are in the Wisdom Stream today. We continue the speeches in the book of Job – Chapters 11-14. If you happen to have the first edition of our bookmarks, then you will notice a typo. We completely skipped chapter 14 on the bookmark, but we are definitely reading it today.



January 16

Joshua 11-15

Today Drake joins me as we discuss the conquest of the Promised Land. We are using the New Living Translation as we return to the Nation Stream and the book of Joshua. The people of Israel have conquered the whole region of the south and have returned to Gilgal which is near Jericho. But Joshua is not done yet – there’s more work to do.

Here’s a map of the division of land amongst the tribes of Israel. The map was found at BibleStudy.org.

division-of-promised-land-to-ancient-israel (1)