January 19

Daniel 2:24-49

Today we are in the Exile Stream and continue the exciting story of Daniel, aka Belteshazzar, solving Nebuchadnezzar’s dream challenge with help from the Lord. We will finish chapter 2 today and discuss the dream and eschatology.



January 18

Isaiah 8-10

We are sailing down the Prophetic Stream today in the book of Isaiah. Last week Isaiah encouraged King Ahaz with a sign that the virgin would conceive and bear a child – a foretelling of the Messiah. Our reading today will cover some more of those famous verses about the coming Messiah…from the perspective of people in Isaiah’s day.


January 17

Job 11-14

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We are using the New Living Translation and we are in the Wisdom Stream today. We continue the speeches in the book of Job – Chapters 11-14. If you happen to have the first edition of our bookmarks, then you will notice a typo. We completely skipped chapter 14 on the bookmark, but we are definitely reading it today.